Shopping with a Purpose

Dignity Regained exists to bring attention to the Fair Trade movement and the positive effect that it has on the fight against human trafficking. We are passionate about the abolishment of trafficking and through Dignity Regained we hope to spread the word and help out a little and maybe someday help out a lot. We care about the creator of what we sell and our hope is that our shoppers do too. We want to help provide a connection that you just won't find anywhere.

All of our products are made using Fair Trade standards and made by artisans from around the world. The practice of fair trade gives the artisans fair wages and more opportunities. By developing more direct relationships with producers their lives can be significantly improved. They are paid good wages, have a safe and clean working environment, financial and technical support, and respect for their cultural identity. It gives them and their children opportunities for education. We are excited to help them in their endeavors!

Buying fair trade empowers women and vulnerable people, provides sustainability to small businesses and families, opens doors for education, and offers a bright future.

I hope that you fall in love with the products and artists behind the products at Dignity Regained.

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